SB Kedzie at Belmont

Chicago, IllinoisJul 06, 20112 Comments

There’s a stoplight and a camera there but the stoplight does not have the countdown numbers so it’s hard to know when you are crossing Belmont in the timing of the light change. I got a ticket there. I went back and took photos and measured the timing of the caution sign (the yellow before the light change) and even with all that the “judge” still made me pay. I avoided that intersection for a long time. I think the ones with the numbers are so much safer and fairer.

You are permitted to enter the intersection on the YELLOW, but not on the RED. Pedestrians are not permitted to enter the crosswalk on the YELLOW. Entering the intersection means crossing the line just before the crosswalk. True, Chicago has a short YELLOW. Just get used to it. If you see the YELLOW and you can stop without a panic stop, STOP and you won't get a ticket. The camera only catches you when you drive across the line and the signal is RED. That means you DID have time to stop. Plus there is a video of the whole time too. People are getting TOO lazy. You don't need a "countdown" people need to learn to drive.
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Yes I have proceeded thru/entered intersection often at photo locations with no problem...I try to avoid doing this when possible. better safe than $orry. As for the flashing caution...a good rule of thumb is try to scan before arriving in vicinity of intersection...they usually flash 7-9 times before light change.
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