SE 17th Street near Eisenhower Street

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaNov 30, 20071 Comments

The intersection directly in front of the Fort Lauderdale art Institute on the north west side. When west bound drivers are coming over the 17th Street Causeway Bridge, there are motocycle police waiting behind the bus stop gazebo to pull over any driver who is going over the 35 mpg speed limit. There is no speed limit sign as you approach the Bridge from the east so many drivers do not know there is a speed limit. The cops hide behind the gazebo, tag them with their gun, pull them over and just hand out tickets. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. One motocycle cop will stand with a radar gun and track speeds of car, and another pulls them over. There have been as many as 6 cars in a line at one time waiting to get their tickets. There is a speed limit sign as you approach the Bridge going east, but None going west, so the police sit on the west side and give out tickets and when you challenge them they just point to the sign on the east side and tell you there is a speed limit sign.

In all fairness to the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department, knowing the speed limit is our responsiblity as drivers , not theirs. if it isnt posted nearby, the old rule applies, find out or drive no more than 30 MPH as in any community, especially along the beach in Ft' Lauderdale. Again, I myself was caught coming too fast over the bridge and was pulled over also . the officer was nice enough to write me a ticket for not having my insurance card with me(even though I did have it and even though I was speeding) which was only a $5.00 ticket and free if I had sent in my insurance card to prove it was insured at the time I got stopped. it could have been a $195 ticket but it turned out to be only $5.00 and a warning to slow down next time. Thank you officer for being human and not an ass like they are in Coral springs where I live.
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