Selvitz Rd where the park and school is

Port Saint Lucie, FloridaSep 02, 20111 Comments

FL state trooper hides in parking lot of park right across the street from the school .The speed limit goes from 35 to 30, so if you do 40 you’re 10 mph over. He is always there near the end of the month.

03/14/12. I was traveling westward in my truck on Manville Dr which runs directly into Selvitz Rd. My detector gave a laser warning. I checked my speed and looked for the police. He was standing at the corner of Manville & Selvitz. Having spotted him (and not sure if I was over the limit when I was clocked), I quickly turned down a side road. I waited a minute or two and then left - traveling away from the speed trap. About 10 minutes later I was proceeding north on Selvitz Rd. The Port St. Lucie cop was hiding by a power pole at the corner that I noted above. He had THREE other cops in their patrol cars running up and down Selvitz snaring victims. I will point out this speed trap is by an elementary school. True, BUT all the kids are in school at 10 am. The only reason for the amount of police manpower is revenue enhancement. They run this speed trap on holidays too, so the school has nothing to do with it. I'm a 11 year PSL resident I don't believe that there have been any accidents at this location. BTW: the only LEO's I ever see running this revenue collection scam at this location are the Port St. Lucie police - no troopers, no deputies. Port St. Lucie cops seem to work a lot harder at giving out tickets on roads with under-posted speed limits than they do on solving real crime.
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