SH 200 Between Dover and Sandpoint

Sandpoint, IdahoNov 06, 20022 Comments

Speed limit sign (35mph) is in rural area approaching Sandpoint city limit. No prior indication of speed change. Police radar is in motion, and approaches you in opposite direction as you proceed toward town. Police vehicle radar paints you, and police vehicle turns around at next available driveway. Police car then follows for approximately 1-1.5 miles before turning on emergency lights to signal stop. Policemen are very vocal about out of state plates, particularly from Canada or State of Washington.

Your information is a bit incorrect. This is a Federal Highway and it is Highway 2 not 200. State Highway 200 is on the east side of Sandpoint. Highway 2 is on the west side. I would say this is not really a speed trap, if you follow the law and slow down. Everybody wants to speed going through here, but there is a town ( Dover) and you have to slow down. They are also doing road work at this time. After going through Dover the speed limit changes to 45. As you are approaching Sandpoint the limit is back down to 35. So if you are not reading the signs and not paying attention, I guess you could say that you may get a ticket.
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I agree with the above poster and add this comment. It seems that drivers from both Washington and Canada have a habit of pushing the speed limit greatly. They seem to just enjoy ignoring posted speed limits. I don't know if they are allowed to to this in their respective places of residence or not but they certainly have that habit when they come through Idaho. If I were in a foreign country or in another state I would make doubly sure that I was following the local law. They (Canadians and Washingtonians) however, seem to have no respect for it.
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