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as you are coming down sheridan heading past exectutive park there is an office bldg. on the right the hill prevents you in any way to follow the posted speed of 25 believe me i have been doing it for 35 yrs…until nov. without your foot on the gas or brake you can be going anywhere from 10-15 miles over the speed the three cars ahead of me all had their brakes on so i was going 28 twwo cars behind me were 30-35 all three of us got pulled aver and cited ….this was mid month and the ticket price 1st offense in 36 years of driving is a whopping 281.00

I live in this neighborhood (residential area) and witness speeders everyday of the week. There are no less than 5 speed limit signs (25mph) along this 1.5 stretch of road. The only reason it could be called a "speed trap" is because to many people drive in excess of 45mph through here, and our neighborhood has asked the police for increased enforcement.
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Of course it is a neighborhood, but the interesting thing is the police are not running radar in the residential section. They are setting up at the bottom of a long hill in the commercial area just before Briarcliff Rd.. If they were setting up in the middle of the stretch where the homes are we wouldn't be complaining(and they wouldn't be getting near as many speeders).
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Yes, this is clearly a speed trap. I just received a ticket today. I was coming back from a Doctors appointment in Executive park. I have never been on that road in my life and was trying to figure out were I was going. I turned the wrong way and ended up on that road and all of a sudden their was that big hill. He said he got me me towards the top before I started hitting my brakes. I didn't even notice the trap until I was almost down the hill. I didn't know the speed limit was only 25 right there and not many speed limits are that low. I certainly have never seen a speed limit of 25 down a big hill like that. If I traveled that road before and new better I could understand but I wasn't familiar with that road, speed limit or hill. It is definitely a speed trap. The cops could be out doing something worthy for the community instead of trying to fatten their wallets. Dekalb County has enough crime and not enough man power. It's a shame they turn their back on the counties crime in order to collect money from tax paying citizens in what is clearly a speed trap. It would make sense to add speed bumps down that road. I'm sure from all of the money they have collected over the years they could put hundreds of speed bumps on that road. Heck put a warning for that hill or a speed trap ahead sign. That would get people riding their brakes all the way down. Shame on the police force of Dekalb county for under utilizing their skills and failing their citizens once again.
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