shopping centers in ile perrot/pincourt

Pincourt, QuebecSep 23, 20102 Comments

this is not a speed trap so to speak but a seat belt/reckless driving trap and is quite note worthy of being on this site.
the cops, several cop cars…set up in the parking lots of the shopping centers in ile perrot and pincourt and are checking for seat belt infractions and if they can’t get you for that, they say you are driving recklessly or too fast or whatever they want to make up. Then the gang of cops also do what i call a Ticket and Dash…meaning…they start at one of the shopping centers and do a few stops for infractions and then get in their cars and race(speed) to the next shopping center and do it all over again. how do i know this? i followed them one day. they have little pow wows before they go to the next center. so if you see 2 or more cop cars (usually 4 or more) in one of the shopping centers around this area be careful. they are usually close to the entrance/exits but i have seen them getting people that have just backed up from a parking spot while one of the cop cars cruses around the parking lot. most that live around this area know but if you are a visitor then be very careful..heads up.

Well, there's no prejudice in this description...
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This can be fought in court and won because it is public property and they must have the permission of the shopping center owner or owners in writing to patrol their grounds.
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