South Chrysler Service Drive/ W/B 9 Mile

Hazel Park, MichiganOct 26, 20137 Comments

The Hazel Park Police Department cruisers will sit in the Gas Station parking lot waiting for cars to stop at the red light right after coming of from I-75 and then turn right onto W/B 9 Mile. While the drivers are paying more attention to the other signs after coming-off I-75, the police department knows that more than likely, the driver will not notice the "No Turn right on Red" sign. Thus, they exploit this and target that specific corner to rake-in an approximate $25,500 per month or $306,000 per year in traffic fines (enough for them to purchase unneeded newer cruisers among other things). Many residents are afraid to drive anywhere near this area lest be targeted for failing to see some new sign the city has posted (since they know it’s crawling with cruisers). Even if the driver has had a clean record they will never give a warning…….only a $170 ticket for "Impeding Traffic $170.00 No Turn on Red". This fine is highway robbery and the tax-paying residents of this city should voice their opinions on this shady trap.

Slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. No ones fault but the driver if they can't take the time to look around. Put down the cell phone, stop texting and pay attention.
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This is absolutely a trap. We live in Washington D.C. I am a Sr. Auditor for the Department of Defense and my spouse is in charge of personal security for a Federal Government Agency. We drove to Michigan to visit my brother who lives in Hazel Park. We exited the ramp off I-75 to that corner and neither of us saw the sign due to the short exit, lights, high traffic, and other signs everywhere. My spouse worked overseas at the U.S. embassies as an attache and served on motorcades watching for traffic and other hinderances years ago. However, this "sign" was missed. Neither of us were on the telephones nor was our music on. After we took the right, we pulled onto my brother's street and were pulled-over by a police officer with a chip on his shoulder. We have never had tickets in our life as we have to live by different rules due our high national security clearances. This was our first ticket in our lives and when I told the officer that this may affect our national security clearance, he looked alarmed. My brother and his wife have received tickets at that corner along with his visitors. The neighbors' visitors from out-of-town have received tickets at that corner. These officers sit at that gas station waiting for people to miss the sign. This is indeed a trap and the State Attorney General should look further into this. We highly recommend that the citizens of Hazel Park stand-up to this or move out of that district if the police department doesn't stop taking advantage of that intersection confusion.
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What a trap just got off 75 to 9 mile got pulled over for turning right on red didn't see sign first ticket I ever got 52 years old. Went back to see if there's a sign sign posted on street pole almost when you turn 170 down the drain never will go back.
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I visit Hazel Park to care for my aging mother. She requested a Wendy's Chili this day. I approached 9 mile from the Chrysler service Drive. From what I remember, I was coming to a stop for the red light and continued my turn as the light turned green. The officer gave me a ticket in the Wendy's parking lot for making a turn on a no turn on red. He didn't even allow my to give an explanation. Simply wrote the ticket. I went back to the intersection to try an understand what I might have missed. Not only do I feel I proceeded while the light was green, but the no turn on red sign I've come to know at that intersection was gone. Either the city removed it or traffic kept knocking it down. So it was moved to a larger light post. I was looking for the original sign I've come to know. As other posters have commented, I was fooled. In retrospect, I recall cops hanging behind that gas station. Didn't know what for. Now I do.
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This appears to be a trap where police hang out looking for someone to miss the "no turn on red sign". The sign is placed back from the intersection, so when you are at the intersection you can't even see it. Unlike most other states where the no turn on red signs are placed on the same wire next to the traffic light so you can see them when the light is red, Michigan likes to hide their no turn on red signs and instead of police working to fix this problem with the design, they are exploiting it for profit. There is no obvious reason for a no turn on red at this intersection since the driver coming off of Chrysler onto 9 mile has excellent visibility to see that the intersection is clear for their turn. Shame on Hazel Park police for taking advantage of drivers for their own profit while making driving more dangerous as drivers have to be more concerned about lurking exploitative police than about making sure that traffic and pedestrians are safely out of the way for their turn.
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I used to live there. There were days that a squad car would be pulling someone over 5 to 10 times a day right in front of my house (9 mile and 75). All the neighbors knew that the police department exploited this area. It was absurdly obvious -- even joked about during neighborhood parties. The police department sacrificed their integrity by praying on its citizens. The main reason I moved from hazel park was to get away from the constant police sirens and lights in front of my house. Very shady department.
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I got a ticket there - if you're first in line to turn right, you're already past the No Turn on Red sign. I considered fighting it but don't live in the area and didn't want to go back. However I found the MDOT rules for No Turn on Red signs, and it says the sign should be "located above or adjacent to the traffic signal or as close as possible to the point where the turn is made, or at both locations." In this case the sign doesn't meet any of those criteria so I'd say you might be able to fight it. Link to the MDOT rules:
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