Southbound on N. 38 Street, Killeen, TX

Killeen, TexasSep 26, 20120 Comments

Normally I wouldn”t have any sympathy for a speeder thru a school zone BUT what makes this a trap for some is… it is possible to enter 38th street heading south and never see the sign showing that it is still a school zone. The Sign is North of Atkinson. So if you enter east bound from Atkinson turn South onto 38th and dont know what the buildings are around you blocked yb trees and foliage you will think you have left a school zone behind you and expecially for someone who is not familar with the area. If I had come in that way I might have known but I was transiting thru. The only sign between me and the overpass just south of the zone is a 40mph sign. The officer was on the other side of the over pass just up the hill far enough the over pass hid him until the windsheld view is below the overpass. 38th street is graded so it dips under. so not only might you not know it is a school zone if you travel that route and unfamiliar you will be heading down hill to go under the pass thinking the speed limit is 40. My ticket is for 38 and claims it is in a posted 25. Nowhere in my route was it posted that the speed limit is 25. I missed it by entering 38 street south of the sign. Had I driven passed the sign I would have no argument and I have no sympathy for anyone that is from the area either or who drove passed the flashing sign north of Atkinson. I have pictures to prove it. I also reported the safety hazard to teh police department and will go in to file formally. If they think it important enough to have an officer there then they should think it important enough to post a sign so you can’t slip thru without knowing so it would prevent the faster speed during the certain times of day. Now is it really a "trap" maybe a stretch but I know he picked the spot because of the downhill grade will make it easy to catch people coasting at too high a sped. "zzero tolerance" the cop said. Again if I had any one single sign posted on my route after turning onto 38th street to show what the rule was I wouldn’t call it a trap. Google Earth the route you will see and look at it as though unfamiliar you will think you left one zone and not see the next.

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