Southbound on Scottsdale Rd at Shea making a left turn

Scottsdale, ArizonaJul 12, 20112 Comments

Camera – if any portion of your vehicle in not across the "red dotted line" you will get a red light violation. The problem is that the red line is past the walkway lines and you cannot see it. So when the light turns yellow STOP even if you risk the car behind you rear ending you! My rear tires were on the red line & it resulted in a ticket for $242.00 plus you must attend Traffic Survival School (along with those convicted of DUI) for $75.00 and the points go on your record. You cannot chose to go to Defensive Driving School. They equate a red light violation with a DUI!

I agree. I went to a defensive driving class a few years ago and was told that once part of your vehicle crosses that "magic line" on a yellow light, you are good to go and legal to be in the intersection. Even if the light turns red when you are part way across. Oh no! Not in Scottsdale at this intersection. You must make sure all of your vehicle has passes the "magic line" before the light turns from yellow to red. I had a slow vehicle in front of me and I got caught on the line. Cha-Ching! Scottsdale has gon nuts with traffic cameras. Any government that uses a punitive device against its citizens, as a revenue generator should be booted out. Highly unethical.
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A nasty one! I was making a left turn and got slowed down by cars in front. It caught me 2/3 of the way across the red line. I thought that as long as part of your vehicle was in the intersection you were good to go. Evidently not in Scottsdale.
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