Spaulding Turnpike near Exit Number 9

Dover, New HampshireJun 08, 20071 Comments

This trap is set up in the southbound breakdown lane (for southbound traffic only) as you bank to the right – immediately after the On Ramp traffic from exit 9 (Indian Brook Dr). Drivers that are not exiting at here, tend to merge into the right lanes to give way to both exiting And entering traffic. As a result, you may have to speed up to get into the left lane to merge with faster moving traffic already there. I have seen this on several Sunday PM drives (typical end-of-the-weekend traffic pattern).

I think you either have the direction of the pike mixed up or your right and left are wrong. I think the area you are speaking of is after the Six Street overpass and if I'm right you have your left and right confused. The people heading south on the pike make a turn to the right, and the exit ramp is right there on the right. Approximately 500ft further the entry ramp merges on the right. Just prior to that the people heading south, that were already on the pike usually merge into the left lane to allow the people to enter the pike. The cops usually stop just after the bridge, or further south in the medium between north and south bound lanes. If I see them doing this at night, stopping just after the bridge, I'll stop and ask them if they need a hand as stopping on ANY roadway in NH, unless marked otherwise is ILLEGAL!!! NH RSA says it is also illegal to stop on the side of any controlled roadway for anything unless the vehicle is out of commission. The same applies to the spot where they stop in the medium, between exits 8 and 9. The width of the medium is 20ft, so if they stop there, no matter how they park, they have to place the vehicle where there is 10 feet of clearance between the side of the vehicle and the lane of traffic. It is physically impossible to do so! Have to watch out for the Dover NH cops... they are corrupt!
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