Speed Camera Located On Ball Road.

Saint Leonard, MarylandOct 23, 20170 Comments

Calvert County has installed a speed camera directly in front of Mutual Elementary School. Unlike other Maryland Counties where these cameras only monitor speed during school hours and on days when schools are in session, the Calvert County Police Department is using the cover of a school to monitor a road with a 40 mpg. speed limit and lowering the speed to 30 mpg. All in all, this amounts to no more than a speed trap. I am all for monitoring the speed in front of schools and I believe individuals driving over 30 mpg. in front of schools when schools are in session should be fined. Using these cameras when schools are not in session is simply entrapment. If they are really serious, why don’t they also install speed bumps in both directions when approaching the schools to remind individuals they are approaching a school. The reason is if they did that, that would remind motorists to slow down before entering the area and their speed trap would be defeated. They are simply in the business of generating revenue. So beware. The speed camera installed on Ball Road is just not during the school hours or days schools are in session. It is there all the time.

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