speed trap

Estelline, TexasDec 05, 20112 Comments

Officer points radar at speed limit sign which is up hill from where he sits and soon as you cross the sign or probably before he flags you for speeding I guess your suppose to slam on breaks when coming up to speed limit sign and immeadiately drop tothe posted speed

You are supposed to start slowing down before the posted speed limit to make sure your doing the posted speed limit when you arrive at the sign, I drive a truck and have been going through Estelline for 27 years and have never been bothered but I have seen a bunch of idiots that disregard the law and get what they deserve.
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It's a speed trap. The locals and truckers know it. Even a city council member admitted that the highway is the town's main meal ticket. Without the $300,000 annual revenue from those tickets they would not be able to pay the officers $50,000 per year salary. (Houston Chronicle, 2007)
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