Staging:Pacific @ Morgan to view Pacific & Taft Intersection

Houston, TexasMay 12, 20101 Comments

Usually minimally marked blue and White. Parked on street side of Pacific St where Morgan St ends at (like a T intersection) & facing West(downtown
direction) about one block in from Taft St. Taft St crosses Pacific St unevenly.
Sometimes if the cop can’t park on the curb it’s parked next to the car on the curb, placing it’s unit out in the street. This kind of parking is dangerous
at night when the lights of the HPD’s car lights are off(I’ve seen that). This goes on early afternoon and in the evening, most weekdays, and
weekends evenings, and random at times.
I’ve reported this incident to the city’s 311 service online, although at times I appreciate them looking out, but it’s annoying most of the times,
because of their cowardly deed. Also, they’re annoying because of parking in front of our driveways.

So they are trying to catch those that don’t make a complete stop at that intersection(I agree you should stop and be courteous). To me a cop that
has to hide to catch are cowards. If someone saw the cop would be more provoked to obey the law and make the situation more safe.

The HPD unit may occasionally be more hidden by parking on the west side of the intersection of Pacific and Taft on Pacific St, because Pacific St
on that side is almost alley-like although it goes through to the the next street.

"If someone saw the cop would be more provoked to obey the law and make the situation more safe" You are only going to obey traffic laws if there is a visible cop? Is that what you mean by this?
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