State Highway 12 near State Highway 12

Oxford, New YorkJul 05, 20074 Comments

Village Speed Limit of 30mph is continued for an unreasonably long distance outside the village along State Highway 12. South of the village of Oxford especially, there is a stretch of Hwy 12 that stays 30mph well outside the village – for no apparent reason other than revenue enhancement. Traffic expects to speed up to 40 or 50 after the village traffic lights, but the speed limit continues to be 30. Many people get caught by the local village police.

North of the Village, police cars hide in the gas station along a curved section of Hwy 12 just north of the village traffic light. South of the village, police cars hide among commercial vehicles and driveways on the west side of Hwy 12.

Part 1 "South of the village of Oxford especially, there is a stretch of Hwy 12 that stays 30mph well outside the village - Part 2 for no apparent reason other than revenue enhancement" Part 1--not true, this is still within the village limit. Even the 40 mph is within the village. But it changes to 50 mph just at the end of the village. Part 2-- true. It is a steady form of income that pays for the brand new police cars. Drivers beware. One other "trap" here after the 30-40 change near Christine St (end of Village) is a State Police traffic stop to supposedly check for ID, insurance, etc. But car searches are possible. Village police hide on both sides of the 30 mph to 40 mph change.
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also beware as your exiting the village headed the south by the waste treatment plant.. village police sit there totally obstructed from south bound traffic
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I was stopped coming out of the village last evening at 7:30PM. First time driving back to NJ from Hamilton NY after dark. I did accelerate upon leaving the village (or what I thought) and he got me at 54 in a 30. Pulled over right at RT 12 and Christine Street, Oxford, NY. The gentleman (and he was) noted there were three 30 MPH signs that I passed. I did a google drive this morning and of course all three signs are going into town or in town before you hit the sole traffic light at the main intersection. There are no signs reflecting the 30 MPH south of this intersection on 12 until the 40 MPH one posted a few feet south of Christine Street where I understand the village boundary ends.
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Above post was posted Nov. 9, 2014. I was stopped on Nov. 8, 2014. By the way, evening of November 7, 2014 Hamilton NY had 3 inches of snow! Still mostly intact when I departed town at around 6:30 PM from the Lafayette-Colgate football game.
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