State Highway 14 or Main street in town

Wortham, TexasJul 13, 20051 Comments

Small town population less then 500. Received ticket at 10:25 on a Tue night. They had three different radar stations set up at that time. Worthham has moved the city limits out approximately 2-3 miles in both directions catching people entering the speed zone. You enter the speed zone in both areas well before you come close to the city or any form of population. (pastures on both sides of the road) I received my ticket leaving the city limits. I passed both radar traps and did not realize that I was still in the speed zone. The posted limit is 70 mph (65 night) and I was doing 65. You would not think about it being 55 miles outside of the town. I saw the 3rd officer, but did not think that I was speeding. I am not sure what the true definition of a speed trap is, but 3 radar zones in 5 miles in a town with less then 500 people on a Tuesday evening at 10:30 is pretty ridiculous.
The cost of the ticket for 10 mph over was $200 if you want the deferment to keep it off your record.

The three people who checked that "No, this is definitely not a speed trap." have to be three Wortham police officers. If this town isn't a speed trap then there aren't any speed traps. If they were honest they'd just take your credit care information and force a donation when you pass through.
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