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Hancock, New YorkAug 02, 20054 Comments

17 is notorious for being a 100 mile long speedtrap, but Hancock is in the heart of "we need revenue" country. Be careful approaching the town, speed drops quickly (55 is unreasonable as is), and cops love to sit in the median in recessed valleys so they can catch people cresting the hills from either direction.

Route 17 in the Town of Hancock from either direct DOES NOT drop suddenly to 55 mph. There are the BIG signs with the flags that warn you of the upcoming 55 mph zone. The reason it is 55 mph through that section is because of all the access roads. In order for the speeds to be 65 mph, you have to eliminate those. It is common knowledge that one can travel that section of highway at 70 mph with getting a ticket. SO if you have been getting tickets in that area it probably means your traveling in excess of 70 mph so you are speeding regardless of the speed limit. So my guess is regardless of what the posted speed limit most of you would not be happy!!!
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If you are obeying the speed limits and have an out of state plate the state police follow you and give you a ticket on some other violation. If you disagree with the officer you are told to let the judge decide as you are handed the ticket. Definitely a money machine for hancock new york. Cheapest ticket is now $200.00 Avoid Rt 17 near Hancock, NY if you can.
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Out of state plate. I was going 45mph in the rain in the hilly Hancock area. I was followed for 1/2 mile and then given a ticket for failure to pull into left lane. Into the truck that was occuping that lane. After months of snail mail it was reduced to $125.00 fine. I was spending all my vacation time in new york and many weekends. I would guess a minimum of $6,000.00 a year. Since the bullshit ticket I have not been back to NY for anything. It's been 8 yrs now do the math.
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Route 17 is an enforcement feeding frenzy for the NY State Police. Well documented. I make the run Upstate regularly, and this past weekend on a round trip from 84W > 17W > 81N, and back, saw more people pulled over than ever before. And I have been driving this road since the late 1970's. The most vulnerable portions are indeed where the speed limit drops from 65 mph to 55. Around Liberty seems to be a ticketing hot spot this year. IMO, the so-called enforcement efforts have been stepped up to make up for taxation shortfalls due to the government lockdowns that destroyed businesses in the State. I do understand the Nov 23, 2015 commenter - I once got a ticket for doing a bit more than a crawl at Calf Pasture Beach, in Norwalk, CT - a 25mph zone. At the ticket, ended regular trips there along with all the spending that entailed. Usually a restaurant meal. They upped parking there to a ridiculous $25.00, so it appears they just are allergic to tourism dollars, the idiots that run that place.
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