State Highway 17 near North Pinckney St. Street

Mcclellanville, South CarolinaMar 02, 20083 Comments

This location is about half-way between Charleston and Georgetown, SC on the main route to/from Florida (other than 95). Police car partially hidden (going from North to South) around curve in the road. I was just informed by an officer two days ago that they average almost 300 citations a week at this site.

Has anyone been victim of this intentional speed trap revenue collection? Did anyone fight it in court? Did you win? (I hope so!) I'd love to hear about it. We fell victim to this trap and were cited going 76 in a 50. What? They are joking. I'm not sure if their radar device hasn't been calibrated recently or what. The driver of our vehicle has never gotten a speeding ticket ever and he's 47 years old. He always uses cruise set no more than 6 over. He had cruise set at about 5-6 over and we came around the corner, saw the 50 sign and he immediately reached up to reduce the cruise control. Meanwhile there was a vehcile passing us on the right who got pulled over at the same time. Makes me wonder if they didn't link his speed to our vehicle since we were in the left lane (assuming faster vehicle was in the left). Our driver could lose his NC license over this first and only ticket and if he loses his license, he will lose his job of 27 years. What a crock! Somethings smells fishy in Charleston!! Advice anyone?
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I seriously doubt that anyone would lose a license for a " first and only ticket". I for one resent having to slow down for this location but I do. By the way, if all you have seen is on Hwy 17, go over to the village. It is lovely and you will want to slow down.
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Speed trap set up mid-day on 11/4/2014. Radar off the road in a small pull off and chase car further down the road just south of McClellanville had one pulled over.
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