State Highway 175

Cuney, TexasJul 28, 20092 Comments

White 55mph sign city limit to city limit — 45mph yellow caution before intersection — ticket for over 45 when only a caution.

If you aren't watching pretty carefully, you don't even notice there's a town here at all. There's not a lot of signage, and the density of human settlement doesn't even seem particularly high for a rural area of East Texas. But the speed limit drops, and you'd better slow down.
#1Jul 12, 2010Report Abuse
Limit drops from 70 to 55 without warning signs. If you miss it the fine is $235. This "town" has a population of 140 yet they have 3 police cars. All of them were manning this trap on the day I was snared doing 68 in what I thought was a 70. There should be a law requiring a warning sign when the speed limit drops more then 5 miles per hour to keep unscrupulous municipalities from sticking it to drivers for missing one sign.
#2Oct 13, 2016Report Abuse

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