State Highway 18 near Mile Marker 7

Bolivar, TennesseeMar 08, 20052 Comments

Speed goes from 55 to 30 without any time to slow down. Cop waiting for the bait. This is how the town makes money. Court costs $106 and you’re out the door with 6 months not getting ticket in Bolivar; ticket goes away then.

Same deal as above- although court cost for the options as they called it is now $110.00 noticed new city hall, new fire Dept- and heard several police officers talking about new PD. Need I say more about the the great hold-up happening to there citizens and folks from out of town. Bolivar has Western state mental think these folks excaped!!!!!!!
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6-9 MPH over the limit is now $171.25 This is a total speed trap. I've not had a ticket in 17 years, and not had a speeding ticket in 30. He saw I had a front plate (we do in OH, they don't in TN) and I got a ticket. I don't speed. My father in law was calling out speed limit signs to me as we went, and I was minding them all. I got raped. This town should be avoided, period!
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