State Highway 27 near State Highway 78

Moore Haven, FloridaOct 02, 20077 Comments

they wait for you to go over the bridge and not slow down to 35 mph and get you

Moore Haven, anywhere before the bridge coming south highway 27, and after the bridge North bound maybe a mile after the jail. In this trech is cops with laser guns just standing on a side walk, also police cars all over the place, so if one miss you the other will be after, just be really carefull at the Moore heaven area, follow the speed limit to the letter.
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I was a victim going northbound on the bridge. Nothing but a revenue raiser, it is shameful.
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If you pay attention to the signs, you won't have a problem. A bigger trap is approaching South Bay from the south on 27....
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Speed does NOT go from 65 to 35. About a mile before the bridge the signs tell motorists to start dropping their speed, so before one gets to the bridge IF you are OBEYING the posted speed limits, by the time you get to the bridge, the posted speed limit is 45. Obey the speed limit signs, and you won't have a problem.
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This is definitely a speed trap. I was going 50 coming over the bridge, where it changes into the 35 mph. What is aggravating is that in my small home town, going out of town on Main Street it is 40 mph and the street is two lane with a day care on the north side. 35 miles coming down the big bridge in Moore Haven is unreasonable for this area and this large of a highway. It is 4 to 6 lanes and 35 miles an hour is extremely low for this type of road system. The officer that gave me the 221.00 ticket, knew I was not familiar with the area and said it was low because they have a lot of pedestrians in the town. That still did not justify to me a 35 mile zone coming off a hwy into town. I think it is purposely set to make money. And boy do they make the money!
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This is a definite money maker for the county. US27 is a risk all the way up and down as the speed limits vary substantially. Law enforcement also knows that most people on the road are not locals. I was stopped at midnight without a car or pedestrian in sight in either direction. I never saw the officer until he was behind me. I don't even know where he came from. The state needs to regulate the speed limits set by these local municipalities. I didn't see one other area on US27 through Sebring or any other town larger than Moore Haven that had a limit as low as this one (35).
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This past New Years Eve, I was traveling north on US 27 approaching the bridge into Moore Haven. Though I was being very cautious about my speed and was definitely not speeding, I was pulled over upon entering this podunk town. Even though law enforcement are not supposed to run radar where roads incline, decline or curve due to errors that can happen within the radar unit, these deputies were doing it. The deputy who pulled me over told me that I was going 60 miles per hour which was impossible both because my cruise control was set to 45 miles per hour before I observed the 35 MPH sign and because I was in the middle of a cluster of cars which would block any attempt to signal me out to determine my speed. Upon learning that I was related to law enforcement myself, the deputy decided not to write me a speeding ticket (more than likely because he knew I could fight it in court because he was wrong) but instead he wrote me multiple citations for non-moving violations so that he could still pad his statistics log sheet. Another issue I have with this speed trap is that every other speed reduction sign up and down US 27 has a 35 MPH sign attached to a large yellow diamond sign so that it is completely visible. Moore Haven's 35 MPH sign is identical to the 45 MPH sign in both size and shape and both 35 MPH and 45 MPH signs are less than a 1/4 mile away from each other so that it fools those who are not completely focused on speed limit signs. If someone were to pull demographical records from all traffic citations, I would be curious to see how many are issued to out of towners. People just traveling through are more likely to get caught because they are not aware of Moore Haven's unique traffic situation and are less likely to fight the tickets because of time and distance from the courthouse. This town obviously does not care about the safety of its residents or else they would have taken the same precautions that neighboring towns have taken to reduce speed violations. This is an open and obvious speed trap put in place for the sole purpose of revenue making and it is shameful. I encourage all to fight these tickets and file complaints when applicable. I have purchased a dash camera for the next time I travel through Moore Haven so that I can take action against this town and the sheriff's office. It should also be noted that I encountered the deputy who pulled me over about 5 minutes after he let me go. He drove past me going approximately 50 miles per hour in the 35 without his lights or sirens on.
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