State Highway 330 near Highland Avenue

Running Springs, CaliforniaMar 09, 20081 Comments

Going north on Hwy 330 about three miles off Highland Ave, CHP cars sit right above where the highway merges from two lanes into one. The state Forestry parking lot affords the CHP a raised area in which to see the on coming traffic which usually is in a passing mode trying to go around cars that will not pull over to let others pass. The CHP knowing the situation sit and wait turning on the radar gun at the last moment guaranteeing a violation since one is trying to pass in time to avoid the merging of the two lanes. Nailed me (had my radar detector on)but wrote me up for 80+mph when I was doing 70 tops in a 55 mph zone. Plead my case of attempting the passing a truck who sped up when I tried to get around him, but to no avail. Officer was rude and non-receptive, cutting me off twice during my explanation. This goes on in this location a lot including the morning rush!
PS: Plead not guilty and officer FTA in court.

Actually, this location which is on what is called the "lower passing lanes" is normally used to cite drivers coming down the mountain. The CHP use Lidar at this location, and are normally outside their well hidden car looking uphill toward the Forestry Station. They rarely point the gun downhill. I got nailed there several years ago for 87 in a 55. I rarely travel any faster than 60 at this location, now, even if I want to pass a slower driver.
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