State Highway 431 near Interstate 20 East

Randolph, AlabamaMar 16, 20051 Comments

ON Hwy 431 South,between Anniston,& the Ronoake City Limits
trooper`s are patroling the 3 lane sections of the Hwy,will write you for going 4mph above posted limits,one did a 360
right in front of my car going after someone,with such force,it broke my windshield,car ahead was barely staying ahead of my own 62 mph.

Dang, 7 miles over? I could have sworn the speed limit is 55 through here! Oh, wait, it is 55...That means that you AND the other car were breaking the law. I just cannot believe that Trooper (law enforcement officer) was enforcing the law. What an outrage!!! (sarcasm) I guess I will never undestand why people break the law, then gripe when they get caught. If you wouldn't wait until the last minute to leave to go somewhere, then you wouldn't need to drive fast, so, if you dont want to get stopped, then at least TRY to obey the speed limits. Want to drive 65 and 70?......Then drive on the interstates. Want to drive on 431?...Then drive 55. Good day.
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