State Highway 44 near West of Dersch Road

Shingletown, CaliforniaDec 30, 20043 Comments

Airplane spotter with patrol cars a couple of miles below "spot" point. Not sure if this is truly a Speed Trap in the legal sense of VC 40801 (it’s a two lane state highway with many windy turns and grades not an interstate type freeway) also not sure if plane uses radar or time/marker method. Comments on fighting this anyone?

12-12-09 I was ticketed on Dersch Rd. by CHP. The airplane was using radar.
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Yes, this definately is a speed trap with a spoter plane plus the CHP using a white car, a black and white car plus a motorcycle. My ticket was going 60 MPH in a 55 MPH zone in this same area!
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The airplane relies on markers spaced at intervals (est. 1/2 to 1 mile) on the south side of hwy; they estimate how long it takes you to reach those markers at their current rate of travel in the plane. The plane can be off as well as the radar. This constitutes a speed trap and I beat my ticket as a result. For all those who don't know, a directive has been handed down from the Governor to CHP to ticket everyone exceeding 1 mile an hour or over the posted speed limit, so buy radar detectors or travel the posted speed limit.
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