State Highway 55 near City Limit

Cascade, IdahoOct 03, 20071 Comments

Precipitous drop to 25 MPH on wide city street from 65 MPH state highway. At least two units working the 2 mile stretch.

I have been traveling this road from Boise to McCall [HWY 55] for 35 years and have never gotten a speeding ticket because the two comments on Cascade are correct they are everywhere from Valley County Sheriff to ISP. The entire area and town is one big speed trap because that is a major source of income for this town. I got a "reckless driving ticket" this year based on a phone call in from a citizen that thought I and another car was passing too fast. The other car got the same ticket all on the word of one citizen who had no way to know our speed in fact in the report the husband and wife listed different speeds. The Sheriff's took over an hour to get reports and issued these tickets when not one law enforcement officer witnessed the alleged speed. I posted it on Facebook and I got dozens of citizens who got the same kind of ticket, so my point is this town is hungry for any kind of ticket. This town is a one huge speed trap. I had to get an attorney and did not plea guilty, because I wasn't, and I got it reduced to a infraction with not points at a large legal fee. Not a fan of this town, and McCall in the past hasn't been much better.
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