State Highway 57 near Mile Marker 12 to 8

Pulaski, IllinoisJul 24, 20042 Comments

Going South on I57 Radar on overpass . Going North hiding behine pillow from railraod I was there Friday and Again on Monday.

I can not defend someone driving 107 mph. However, Illinois has speed traps. As I recently drove thru the state on a clear Sunday morning in very light traffic returning from my uncle's funeral, I approached a stretch on I 57 that had cones. I slowed from 65 mph to 60. A Pulaski County deputy sherrif was parked by the first cone. He pulled me over although, I was driving slower than the other vehicles. He stated I was driving 68 mph in a 55 mph 'construction zone.' There was not a single construction worker nor equipment outside of a few cones that he could have put there himself. He gave me a ticket that mandated by a Illinois law that the county is milking like a fat cow that I return for a trial since it was a 'construction zone.' A deputy was on the North bound side doing the same thing. I checked on a lawyer to contest and found out you have to be licensed in that state to represent a client there. The attourneys up there are getting fat on this too at the tune of $300 a customer to represent out-of-state travelers who can not take off from work or afford to return. I had to use my mortage payment money for this bogus ticket. When I am wrong correct me, but do not meet county budgets on innocent travelers. My goal now is to worn everyone traveling I 57 in Pulaski, the seat of Cairo, to slow beneath the limit to avoid this. They also have electronic cameras too.
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I was traveling with my wife day before Christmas, I was utilizing cruise control and also had the GPS on, both indicated that I was doing 70. I was pulled over and advised that I was doing 78 then ticketed. The GPS will give correct MPH through average movement. After getting the ticket I used the trusted mile marker timing method and it concurred that my speedometer was correct. Being out of state you have no recourse so they have you. I figure that no mater what speed you are running, that you will be told that you are at 78 mph or higher if actually going faster than 78. Sounds like Illinois government corruption goes through the whole system from top to bottom. The bad part is that I have a Florida CDL license which means that you cannot do driver school to forgo points deductions, so this bogus ticket can put my livelihood at risk with an unnecessary points penalty. When coming back through after Christmas the same two deputies where had more victims pulled over, I suspect that they where doing at least 78 also.
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