State Highway 64

Earle, ArkansasApr 18, 20081 Comments

Earle is a longtime known speedtrap in Arkansas. These fellows have a new scam now. They will give you an "inattentive driving" ticket instead of the traffic violation. Since this is a city ordinance law they have passed, they don’t have to pay the state any portion of the money collected, but it don’t go on your record. So most are left without a fair shot at a trial and decide to plead guilty to this coerced ticket, even though there was probably nothing "inattentive" about the violation. I know if I didn’t pay my sales tax quarterly on my business the state would come after me! They have found a scam that screws the state out of the money and the unlucky soul they gave it to. This allows cowboy type domains to be set up, pretty much not having to answer to the state. Additionally, Earle and Parkin are so bad with speedtraps, and have been for years, I know several people that will not drive down a state highway because they know how crooked these people are. The Dept of Justice needs to looki into this because it really has caused problems with intra-state commerce and transportation.

My experience is the same as others posted here. I'm from out of state (TN), driving the speed limit. For no aparrent reason I was pulled over. The officers first reason was speeding, but when I challenged that, his reason became "inatentive driving". The fine is a bit over $200.............for driving through town with an out of state tag. Never have I seen such thieves posing as law enforcement officers. I shall do my best to never pass through there again. I now drive down I-40 West from Memphis to the Forrest City exit and go north 'til reaching highway 63, bypassing both Parkin and Earle. If you pass through either of those towns, expect to be stopped and ticketed.
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