State Highway 68 near Coyote Pass to Maverick Store

Golden Valley, ArizonaApr 13, 20082 Comments

From Coyote Pass, just west of Kingman to the Maverick Store in Golden Valley. Speed limit drops to 55mph. Many horrific and deadly accidents have occured in this area. DPS in a white pick up truck writes tickets all day long. Also Crown Vics, Broncos and Heliocopter.


I take that route to and from work 5 days a week, if it were truly a "trap" I would be seeing people pulled over all the time. Hardly ever see the DPS in this area. In the 6 years we have lived here I have learned that there is no such thing as a "Quota" that police must achieve. If this were true they would just have to sit on Hwy 68 and fill their quota's in a day. The limit goes from 65 to 55 and I see cars daily doing well over 10 miles the posted limit. Also there is a school limit that drops to 45 on school days. I cannot believe the amount of cars I see, again daily that just fly by the school zone. I'm not saying there isn't such a thing as a "trap", I'm just saying I don't believe the one mentioned in Golden Valley is one.
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I too live in Golden Valley and travel Hiway 68 to Laughlin usually on my Harley. I haven't noticed a lot of action, at least not more than I see in other areas. However during the Laughlin River Run in the spring, you best have your ducks in a row, especially if yur on a bike. They do seem to descriminate at this time, i've seen boxes doing well over the speed limit, and yet a bike is stopped for 3 to4 miles over. Also the Mohave County Sheriff dept. gets in on the action on roads like Route 66 where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. Most places that hiway can be safely traveled at 55 to 60 MPH. Hell years ago when that was the main east west route, people drove much faster than 45, so in my estimation it's set up as a speed trap. These sheriff's set back from the road in the brush and then call the boys on the pavement. I've seen as many as 7 patrolling between Oatman and Shinarump road.
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