State Highway 75 near US-231

Oneonta, AlabamaJan 13, 20094 Comments

Speed limit drops from a 50 mph to a 35 mph. I travel this road often and see police officers sitting in a parking lot right behind the 35 mph sign. If I am not mistaken a drop in the speed limit greater than 10 mph increments is an illegal speed drop.

To clarify one thing, the speed limit on 75 approaching Oneonta is 55mph. It drops to 50 mph as soon as you come to Oneonta. Then about a mile later it drops to 45mph. Then as you approach 231 (heading south, it drops to 35 mph. It does not drop 15 mph in one change. Thanks
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Don't know if it is or not legal but goes 55 mph to 45 mph to 35 mph.
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My bad I thought you were talking about 231 S from Cleveland. Your right.
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Oneonta did have a speed limit from 50 down to 35 until someone called them on the illegal speed reduction and it was used for 30 yrs before someone protested the change from 55 to 45 but of course it was made to look like a mistake.Be careful going through town most of the time you will not see them anywhere when you need them. You will be asked to search your vehicle if you get stopped or they will jerk your passenger door open without your permission if you are not careful,they did it to my daughter.I told her not to let anyone serach anything it was her right.I do not trust some of them and they have young kids trying to make names for themselves.
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