State Highway 77 near State Highway 144

Ohatchee, AlabamaAug 13, 20071 Comments

The speed trap is the primary funding for the towns financial budget. Speeding tickets are $119.00 but if you contest the ticket they will throw it out providing you pay the court costs which are $120.00. (It has been rumoured that not all tickets are sent in to the state.) Tickets are written for whatever reasons the officer on duty feels deemable to see as a violation. The town uses ever letter of the law to write violations within the legal limit. (Maybe.) Highways 77 & 144 are unavoidable when traveling through Ohatchee so please heed the posted limit lest you be detained by Ohatchee’s finest. (They love out-of-towner’s.)

I travel through this section of road twice a day and can vouch that this town practices speed enforcement as strictly now as when the entry was made back in 2007. I see people pulled over on a daily basis. As I write this in July of 2013 the common Ohatchee LEO vehicle is a new model Ford Explorer SUV.
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