State Highway 81 near Maple Street

Dover, OklahomaAug 11, 20051 Comments

The town of Dover is a part of Highway 81 on the way between Enid and Oklahoma City, and the entire town is a speed trap. Generally, however, the policeman will hide behind a building at East Elm St. where there is a small drive and an open grassy area on the East side of the road. The speed limit drops from 65 along the highway to (without changing the width of the road) 35 mph through the small town. Though Dover has fewer than 1000 in population, their police force has at least 3 very active units, one of which is an unmarked white Ford F-150, another a GMC Yukon, and your average Grand Marquis. While I have avoided tickets here after hundreds of times driving through, I see them stopping motorists daily.

I too had avoided tickets for many years on US 81 between Vance AFB (Enid, OK) and Oklahoma City. I had heard from numerous individuals about speed traps in the small towns along this stretch of highway so I always paid particular attention to my speed. Unfortunately I recently got a ticket coming thru the small town of Dover late one evening (1100PM). I was making an effort to slow down but apparently not fast enough and was supposedly clocked at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. Long story short, I now owe the town of Dover $169. I suspect the town uses the speed trap and the associated fines as their major source of income.
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