State Highway 82

Pearson, GeorgiaApr 03, 20091 Comments

Speed drops from 65 mph to 35 mph very quickly. State patrol is there ready & waiting!

This speedtrap is brutal. Within a mile, the speed limit goes from 65-55-45-35, but the trap is where it hits 45, because the Chief likes to sit in his big white truck on the far side of that bend and just slaughter people coming in to town /right exactly where the 45 sign is/. I tested it this time through and mapped it out, it's brutal. You basically have to create an unsafe condition by laying on the brake for no reason due to the rapid slowdowns or else you're going to get hammered. If you lay of the gas totally when the speed limit goes from 65 to 55(and you were doing 70), you will be doing about 60 when it goes to 45. Do yourself a favor, if you're anywhere around Pearson, teleport into another dimension and turn yourself inside out. It's less rage-inducing and probably less painful than being buttercupped by Chief GimmeMonnie. Good luck out there.
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