State Highway 97 near 97 Bypass @ Aegus ? Bridge Bypass

Bend, CaliforniaAug 14, 20080 Comments

I was stopped for going "61" in a 35 mph zone. I had 4 adults and 2 kids in the van. The last posted speed limit I saw was 55 mph. I had cruise control on, set between 55-58 mph, we were just outside of town of Bend Oregon heading to Idaho. I told officer I did not see any 35 mph signs, neither did the passenger next to me. He was intimidating and pointed to the sign ahead of me, which was a temporary sign braced with sand bags, it said 35mph, the first one I had seen, and on the Hwy. no reason to go 35. I told my husband that I wanted to go back and check the signs, he said no I just was not paying attention, I was really upset. On the way back to our home in California, yes I had California plates and I was told in Oregon,. Californians get stopped constantly, we checked the signs. The temporary sign 35 mph was still there, there were no 35 mph signs, but there were two new temporary huge orange signs that said 45 mph, that in the middle of the day would be impossible to miss. All of us heard him say after I was stopped that I had passed three 35 mph signs, then he pointed to the one ahead of me and said see there is one. Well, the last permanent posted speed limit was 55 mph, which is what I saw. I had not passed one 35 mph sign and the two orange temporary signs were put up sometime during the week since we were there. I had told the officer that I was not going 61 mph but 55. He said ok, I will put 55 but it is a 35 mph zone. I am an honest person, My kids witnessed this officer lying to me, and when we were coming back, there he was on the opposite side of the road giving some poor fool a ticket. He was intimidating, and he is an officer of the law, I will never trust another traffic officer, this is the second time I had this happen where the officer lied about the speed limit and again I was out of town.

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