State Highway coming down the mountain

Dunlap, TennesseeJan 31, 20032 Comments

Coming down the mountain the speed limit posted changes so much that you will have to suddenly break to slow down. Common speedtrap for revenue to this small town.

I don't know whether this is a speed trap or not, but the information given is inaccurate. There is a speed sign at the top of the mountain (65 mph to 60 mph, at Lewis Chapel Rd.) - there are no other speed posted signs until your get to the Dunlap turnoff. However, there is one 35 mph sign on the exit to East Valley Rd. The cops(Sheriffs Dept. and TN Highway Patrol) park around one mile before the Dunlap turnoff. I go this route every day and have never seen any town cops. But, I have seen people driving well over the speed limit.
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The speed limit on Tennessee 111 from Chattanooga is 65. It drops to 60 twice. But when you reach Dunlap it suddenly drops to 55. No real warning! Is this a speed trap? If it acts like a duck and quacks like a know the rest! The Tennessee Troopers drive against the flow and give tickets liberally. The local judge in Dunlap "sweet talks" his audience and then collects the cash. I was told by a local official that Van Buren County is worse. Beware highway 111 in Tennessee and Dunlap.
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