State Highway I-25 between Raton & Trinidad

Trinidad, ColoradoMar 17, 20093 Comments

Be careful along this stretch of I-25.

yes yes yes, this is a definate speed trap. coming north on the interstate, from raton you will run into a construction zone. yes, you should be doing the speed limit, as it is a safe zone, however, they have the speed limit posted at 65, to 55 to 45 in a VERY short amount of time. and on a curve, they have changed this recentely, as it was 65 to 45 on a curve with no warning and my daughter was caught. this is just wrong, as most of us do obey the speed limit signs, but when there is no time, and they know it, and sit right there, waiting for ya...guess what?
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Important Update!!!! (7/3/10). Speed limit is now reduced from 75mph to 55 mph to 35 mph within a short period of time, and the cop is hidden behind the construction culvert waiting to nab any out-of-state drivers. This speed trap is not about education as there were no construction workers present anywhere along the northbound route of I-25 when I was stopped, rather it is about creating a difficult driving situation and then nabbing an unsuspecting driver, or an out-of-state driver, when the opportunity presents itself.
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I have only had 2 traffic tickets since 1969 and both were in Colorado (I live in NM) just afer crossing into Colorado. One was in LaJara for doing 40 in a 35 and the other was on I25 for doing 71 in a 65. In all fairness, NM does the same thing to Colorado drivers.
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