State Highway SC HWY 20 near State Highway SC HWY 8

Pelzer, South CarolinaDec 18, 20074 Comments

This town depends greatly on revenue generated by the police department. The chief and two officers as well as two reserve officers patrol. The probability of a car search along with the traffic stop is high as well. If you do not have to go through there….DO NOT!

Um........................... Pelzer doesn't even have a police dept. They rely on whatever state trooper or county officer happens to be nearby when there's a problem. And those county/state guys do NOT hang around looking for speeders. Come on! Whoever wrote this hasn't a clue!
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Pelzer is not a speed Trap, You are right the town doesn't have a police Dept. The WEST PELZER town has a police dept. Thats were the problem is Hwy 8 and Hwy 20 if your in town slow down to 25 in town it's high fines and alot of finds a lot of places to hide going into town on any street hate to do busnesws with anyone in town but sometimes there is no way around it. I wish there was. There is no need for a small town to be this way its a shame. A lot of Clemson Universty students and a lot of ballgame traffic goes through this small town Guess they forget we stop and get gas, eat, town. We may just not stop next time. Just have gas and eat before you get to West Pelzer and just go slow very slow, Even on Sunday going to church or find another chuch so you can avoid going through there
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West Pelzer is definately a speed trap - I should know,I live there. Dont go through with two tag lights and one burned out either - They call this probable cause to stop and search you !!!!!!!!
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You are so right about West Pelzer, I now avoid it at all cost if possible. BE careful if you have to go through Williamston as well. That police force is bad they will stop you for nothing but claim you had a light out etc. I got stopped by their "female cop" (simmons) what a joke she is, she said I had a headlamp out so I was like I didn't know, got out walked to the front of my truck and it was a miracle my headlamp was working she said it must be a short??? Yeah ok she then wrote me a warning ticket for a headlamp being out that was plainly working. This town is such a joke. I have since stopped doing any business with either of these towns, I did a lot of business there but now I will go else where even if I have to drive a few extra miles. So beware heads up, speed traps going into and all through the town of Williamston.
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