State Highway US 165 near OCS

Ouachita, LouisianaApr 02, 20081 Comments

The school zone at OCS is a big speed trap. There are no flashing lights to indicate that you are entering a school zone. I got a ticket at 2:10, before school even let out and I was going 50 mph. Now, you have to go to court if you get caught speeding in a school zone. It seems if they really want folks to slow down for safety, they would install flashing lights. 2 cops at least, they stay busy!

I agree this is a trap. In the North-bound lane, way past the school, at the end of the school zone (which is so far North of the school you can hardly see it) there is a road to the right with only two houses on it. This road is no longer than 300 yds long.....and its a dead-end. There is a "huge" Oak tree on the corner and thats where the police hide and shoot their radar. By the time you see the police car, its too late. You think you are well past the school zone, but you aren't, and now you have a ticket. I saw him pull two over this morning..... Writing tickets here DOES NOT PROTECT THE KIDS!!!!! This is just a money maker........There are never any kids near this location.....its just a trap to make money. The police need to sit at the beginning of the school zone and be visible so everyone remembers to slow down and watch for kids...... Solution, cut the tree down, two home owners claim the road as private, or reduce the length of the school zone, which is way too long......
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