State Hwy. 3 (Salisbury Cove)

Bar Harbor, MaineApr 17, 20101 Comments

Heading toward Ellsworth, near the hill in Salisbury Cove, cops like to sit along that Highway and wait. Either at the top of the hill near Pirates Cove Golf or at the bottom of the hill along that long straightaway. There’s a slight rise in the road along the straightaway where they can hide. By the time they come into view, it’s too late. They also like to sit by King’s Creek. Be careful along this entire route. And if you see a cop sitting there, (and successfully get past them) be sure to warn oncoming drivers by flashing your lights on and off. It’s us against them! Their entire mission is to make everyone’s lives miserable. That’s what we’re up against.

Yes youre absoutely right. Its you agaisnt us... But you know what? Even though you bad mouth us and call us names and say things like "its us against them"...If you need us, we will still be there for you. Thats just the type of people we are. We are there putting our lives on the line for YOU when it is needed. We may not go home to our kids or family at the end of our shift because we were trying to help or protect YOU...but yes youre right...its you against us... And who ever posted the comment directly above this one...You are absoutely right. If you don't want to get caught for speeding...DONT SPEED...Seems pretty obvious to me...
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