State Hwy. 8 & U.S. Hwy 49W

Ruleville, MississippiJan 02, 20103 Comments

Really, the town is a speed trap from one city limit to the other. One place in particular is an area west of the Hwy. 8/49 intersection (the only intersection in town) on 8. There is a stretch about a half a mile long where it seems as if you’re out of the town and it’s okay to speed up–you’re wrong. They’ll get you. The speed limit is still 35. Don’t hope for any mercy–These guys don’t know what that is!

You are right. I thought it was 45 coming down 8 almost to 49 and then I got pulled over..He said that it was now 35. I asked him where..he pointed at the 35...he had pulled me over when it was 45. Anyway he told me that most cops give tickets at 45 in the 35 but he was nice and waited until 50. He said that I was doing on ce again I argued that he gave me a ticket for 1 mph! I am going to court to fight it...wish me luck. I live just down the road. they are all speed traps!
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If you are a blond white woman they are sure enough going to pull you over!!!!
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Ruleville is a very old and small town. The property is mostly run down because of the older people who live there and there is no job opportunities and the tax base for the city is very little. Therefore they have to collect money from speed traps to be able to pay the bills. They usually will not ticket a person who lives there and can vote.
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