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Guntersville, AlabamaJun 09, 20051 Comments

This is related to a speedtrap report filed on Grant, Al, a bedroom city. State Conservation employees are stopping traffic and writing tickets well outside their assigned job sites at state parks in the area, many times using older unmarked vehicles. Customarily, they are asked by regular officer for assistance only in rare cases for backup and are expected to enforce traffic in state parks only. They imply they clock you on radar but state troopers say they are not issued radar equipment. Troopers also will only comment,"they are not state troopers" when asked about their actions. In the recent past, some confrontations have resulted with an unarmed motorist being shot to death in the next County.

I was written a ticket for doing 62 in a 50 MPH zone when I haad just made a 90 degree turn and had a witness. I was told I was clocked on radar when in fact the Conservation Officers don’t have them. Detailed reports of this have been filed with the Dept of Conservation, State Troopers and area news media.

Now this post is 12 years old,but!!In Alabama Conservation Officers DO not have radar,but do have THE SAME authority as a State Trooper,and MORE!!!The place this person is speaking of is about two miles from my home.The Park Ranger and his deputies DO have Radar,and the authority to stop and ticket in their jurisdiction(Guntersville State Park). They DO from time to time (especially during the busy tourist months) patrol the entire park including Highway 227( which the location this individual speaks of is part of). However as a resident,it is in no way a TRAP,just patrolled harder in some months. One should worry more about the Trooper that sets up about a mile south on Highway 227 over a hill to catch unsuspecting motorists.
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