State Road 361 between Port Aransas and Corpus Christi

Mustang Island, TexasJan 01, 20010 Comments

On 361, which is the road that connects Port Aransas to S/E Corpus Christi, there’s a lot of enforcement by what appears to be the county sheriff’s department. The enforcement is almost always moving instant-on K-band radar targeting the opposite lane of traffic. The officers typically wait until the target (i.e. your car) is within about 200-300 (or less) feet of the patrol car and they then target you with instant-on radar. A radar detector is of use if there’s some traffic in the area (they normally target almost every car they encounter, so if there’s someone traveling ahead of you you’ll _probably_ be warned), but do not depend on it completely because these officers are very good at beating radar detectors, particularly in very light traffic. These traps are run at all times of the day, but they seem to be even more common late at night (after 10pm). Obviously, that means you won’t be able to visually ID the oncoming car as a police car until it’s too late, so as a general rule I’d suggest slowing down for any oncoming cars late at night, as this is not a heavily-travelled road at that time of day and if there’s someone on the road, it’s very likely to be an officer running radar. They run radar in all conditions — I’ve been targeted on clear nights as well as nights with heavy fog and very low visibility. I’ve never been stopped, so I can’t comment on the fines or demeanor of the officers, but given the level of enforcement, I’d guess that they probably don’t give breaks and will cite you if they catch you. Also, I’ve noticed similar enforcement (and techniques) on SR-35, which runs from Corpus Christi to Aransas Pass and Rockport. The agencies in this area all do a lot of traffic enforcement and are all very good at being stealthy.

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