State Route 4 near State Route 102

Kent, Rhode IslandJul 11, 20060 Comments

Rte 4 Northbound just after the Rte 102 underpass. At the very end of the guardrail where the Speed Limit 55 sign is. More often then nought a state trooper will be sitting there. It is actually a very good spot.

The next spot going northbound is just after the rte 2 overpass. where the onramp to rte 4 is. At the end of the shrubbery there is occasionally a state trooper.

If we continue northbound where the Rte 1 overpass is there is also a state trooper there. Continuing northbound there are no more spots until the 95 merge.

Now if we start going southbound where Rte 4 starts just over the hill past the Showcase Cinemas exit there is a state trooper on the right shoulder. If you don’t know about that spot he can get you and get you good because you just came over the hill. I’ve scared myself a few times because I was rushing to get to work.

Continuing southbound after the Rte 1 overpass one state trooper will shoot you and radio ahead to his partner who will be waiting for you just around the corner.

Next is just after the Rte 2 exit where they will sit on the shoulder.

The next spot is just after the Rte 102 exits. Where there is a clearing on the right side just around the corner.

Just a little past there the highway stretch of Rte 4 ends and there is a yellow sign notifying you of this. They will sit behind that sign and occasionally cut right across southbound to catch someone going northbound.

The last spot is at the first light going southbound or the last light going northbound depending on how you look at it. The side road on your left going southbound, or right northbound, they will sit about 15ft back so you don’t notice them as you go by.

***One last word of warning. There have been reports of a Green Dodge Intrepid completely unmarked pulling people over. This is an unmarked State Trooper***

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