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Elburn, IllinoisMay 02, 20096 Comments

Do yourself a favor and avoid the town of Elburn. The Elburn police are the most unprofessional, unhappy and bored cops I have ever seen. Just to highlight a few points. Speed fluctuations coming off highway are on purpose! It reduces from 55mph to 35mph very rapidly. They play games to get unsuspecting people. I have reported their practices to the State of Illinois. Hopefully somebody can clean this up because people are tired of the harassment. They also ticket daily at the Metra prking lot because they have a very TRICKY system to pay daily fee. Trust me, unsuspecting people miss everyday and must pay $80 dollar fines for the missed $1.25 parking fee. All they need is a LARGE sign when you enter lot, or even a gate. They will not do this because they love collecting money from otherwise honest people. It is a scam! Elburn is not a town I will spend another penny in. Local officials have ruined the town.

The speed limit on rural Rt. 47 is 55 MPH. When you get into town, it drops to 35. It's in town, what do you expect? When you get to the heart of town, there is parking along 47, it drops to 25 MPH. People are crossing the street, plus neighborhood side streets. 25 MPH is a reasonable speed there too. Yes, they enthusiastically enforce the speed limit. Just don't speed through my town, you won't have any trouble. As far as the train station parking goes, I went there one time, read the sign, and paid the parking fee. Elburn has developed an unfair reputation as a speed trap. It's at a crossroads of two state highways, with nothing for 10 miles in any direction, so people speed.
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When they follow you, And you're going the speedlimit...they ride you. I honestly felt if I tapped my brake, the officer would have run into me. There is no point to tailgate like that, especially if going the speedlimit. They also sit in front of the train station entrance, where you have to take that long winding road to get to the main station. Make sure you give yourself Plenty of time to get to the train station, because they wait for speeders speeding down that winding road so they don't miss their train.
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hey everyone the elburn cop's are mean and they will give a ticket i work for metra and start out of elburn metra parking lot do not back in they will ticket you and you will pay the village gets all the money that is paided by people who park there metra doesn't share beware of the evil
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Elburn is a small town and yes we have a police department whom actually patrols the streets. They are not quite as bad as you portray them. as far as the parking goes at the mtra station - I pay the !.25 and do not have to worry about getting a fine
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Elburn is a speed trap, and is a village which should be avoided. The Elburn cops are not very nice, and definitely have attitude issues. The entire community is their playground, and they love to set speed traps. As the economy has become worse, so have the Elburn cops. It is all about the money. Hard to read the comments about Elburn cops since it is where I live, but I can't disagree!
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Pleases do avoid Elburn if you are going to speed through it. I live here, cross the street here and raise my children here. I wouldn't say that the speed fluctuations are rapid. First there is a sign warning you that there's a decreased speed limit. Then it goes to 45. Probably half a mile later it goes to 35. Then it goes to 25 just before you go over the railroad tracks - before you get to the area where many families cross the street. The "tricky" system of paying for parking at the train station involves pulling in the parking space forward, walking up toward the platform and before you climb the stairs, put a $1.25 in the slot with your parking space number. That's it. There are signs as you enter the lot and as you climb the platform. Personally, I don't see anything worthy of being called a "scam" unless you think you can get something for nothing and that doing illegal things is "honest."
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