State Route 6 near Wisconsin Street

New Chicago, IndianaMay 17, 20042 Comments

There is a 2 mile dimension between Hobart and Lake Station—named New Chicago. They don’t have a town hall, as it’s not a city, town or a village. The officers are usually volunteers, who’re working through the academy. In the 23 years I grew up in Hobart, I don’t think I ever knew anyone who hasn’t received a ticket in that area. I was driving home to my parent’s house. I was immediately a target. I had Illinois plates and it was late at night. I know not to drive over the posted speed limit in that area. But I was pulled over for 53 in a 35. I couldn’t believe it, because I knew not to speed, and my sister said she was watching my speed the entire time, because she knows how the New Chicago police spend their time ticketing people. I asked the officer where I was speeding, and he rambled off a bunch of streets and numbers and completely lost me. I accepted the ticket and paid the fine, and now my clean record will have points on it. In order to get any type of leniency I’d have to show up in court and do traffic school in Indiana. Mind you, I live at least two hours away. My sister was pulled over this week in the same area. She had to slam on her breaks at the same intersection because someone decided to make a left hand turn and not put on their signal. She slammed on her breaks, thanked the stars that she didn’t hit the person in front of her. He made his left turn in the intersection, and since she was in the MIDDLE of the intersection and could block traffic, she went through the light. Mind you, she went through the intersection—didn’t turn. The New Chicago police ticketed her for going through a red light. Should she have just waited in the middle of the intersection and caused an accident? I was surprised to see that no one had posted anything about the New Chicago Police. I can give many many stories of people ticketed for 5 miles over the speed limit. These police officers do nothing all day but pull people over. It’s extremely unfair and an abuse of power.

New Chicago does have a Town Hall and is a town, it just has a Hobart mailing address because it does not have a post a former resident of this community I think it unfair for you to say such negative things about it. Did you ask to see the radar...for such a ticket I def would of or went to court and fought it with such a clean record that you proclaim to have. Also, they are actually full fledged police me I paid taxes and was involved in my community and know these officers. Before I purchased my home there I heard all these stories, such as yours, and discovered them to be unfounded in the time I lived there!
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New Chicago police sit at speed traps all day, thats all they do, and they sit by bars and pull people over all the time, if u have a light out do not drive through there,it is. 68 sq miles, and they owe lake station a bunch of money on water usage ,i lived here 36 yrs, i had a ticket from there and at court there were many people complaining of false tickets but guess what, nobody won their case, PAY UP
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