State Route 78 near Everett Street

Tiptonville, TennesseeDec 24, 20071 Comments

The speed limit on highway 78 changes from 55 mph to 30 mph approximately 1/2 mile before you enter the the city. The area is heavly monitored after 10:00 pm unitl 6:00 am. The officers on patrol will write you a citation no questions asked. The officers patrol cars appear to be normal every day cars. This department does not have any patrol cars that are marked showing them to be police.

I just went to a city hall meeting tonight regarding a ticket I received in this speed trap. The officer stated that he clocked me driving 50 in a 30 mile zone. He said he clocked me as he was leaving Sonic Drive-In. I arrived and the judge looked like he just got off of work from a day job and there were two Tiptonville police officers present. None of the above mentioned even had a copy of my ticket. But they said I was "last on the list" whatever that meant as I was the only defendant present. Their jaws dropped to the floor when I stated I wanted a jury trial afforded to me by the US Constitution. and I wanted to schedule a "discovery" with the prosecution's witness. The group, obviously confused, tried to explain why attending a real court would not be my best option. They explained that I should just plead guilty even though I didn't believe I was guilty! They even agreed to drop my ticket to 39 mph in a 30 mph to keep from receiving points on my license and they reduced the fine. Oh yeah and they even offered me a slow pay arrangement. Now thats small-town justice huh?
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