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Simla, ColoradoMar 17, 20083 Comments

Small town on the eastern plains of Colorado – local cops will follow a person out of town heading west – you will be through the town and on the open plains and when you speed up to the posted 65 mph speed the cops will ticket you cause the speed limit goes from 35 mph in town to 65 mph when you leave town and it is 35 mph till you come to the 65 mph sign. These swine give real police officers a bad reputation – they even have a unmarked cop car in this one horse town.

Wish I had seen this site a week ago. The description shown is EXACTLY what happened to me. It was a dark night and as I headed east out of town, thought I was out of the "city" and in the 65 mph zone so started to speed up. I was written at 59 in a 35! $167 fine with costs...most expensive fine I have ever had including native state of California where it ain't cheap!
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It's just like youi said! Simla's nasty toad of a cop man puts it to Colorado drivers too! That 65 MPH sign is ONE mile West of town!! When you are in town the speed limit is 35 MPH and he should be decent enough to post some more 35MPH signs as you are LEAVING Simla!!. The jerk told us we were going 56 in a 35 zone and got 4 points taken off my husband's license and $200 fine. No consistency there at all!! So now when I travel to Colo Springs I set my cruise at 35, a mile East of town and don't take it up until I pass the 65 sign a mile west of town!! I have enough expences without supporting the town of Simla!!!
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This town has 7 streets only one paved. They just hired Offer Bonk. (not kidding) The speed limit is one mile outta town in pastureland. $200 ticket They even have hired people to run the collection area. Next time you drive thru turn on the street and see the cop station. This town sux.
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