State Route FL 24 near City Limits Sign

Cedar Key, FloridaOct 30, 20072 Comments

In the mixed business district entering/leaving Cedar Key, limits are unrealistically low — 30mph in much of the town — and motorcycles are especially singled out._

(Cedar Key – Levy County)

I hate speed traps--but you need to know that Cedar is very tiny and has a lot tourists walking between shops and restaurants. It's a Key, it's an island. It's also a favorite destination for motorcycles and makes a nice day trip to the Gulf coast. And there are bars. In sum, the Cedar Key police are not very tolerant. Keep an eye out for them. But remember that they are in a tight place, full of people on day trips who are likely to be slightly toasted. The real place to watch for serious speeding tickets is on the long flat road that leads from US 19 out to the island. If you're booking it on a weekend, be extremely alert--there's a good chance you'll get burned.
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SR24 coming into Cedar Key is long & straight. Posted at 60MPH way before town with plenty of reduce speed signs from 60 then to 55 then to 45 then to 30MPH when you are at the City limits. FL DOT has been requested by the City to install larger signs or more visible signs to help people slow down. But FL DOT will not respond to City requests. So just slow down and relax when you hit the bridges at Cedar Key. Relax you have arrived at one of the last spots of unspolied coastal Florida left in the entire state! The City purchased with its own funds a portable speed warning sign to help people slow down to 30 MPH. SR24 is very narrow with lots of driveways and side streets once you cross the Number 3 bridge which is why FL DOT has it posted at 30MPH. This is a residentail street in a very busy destination area so the City police are just trying to keep us all safe. Please do not get drunk & drive in Cedar Key - we do not tolerate DUIs.
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