State Rte 134 East of State Rte 85

Daleville, AlabamaSep 16, 20094 Comments

There is no speed limit posted until you reach Donnell Rd where its posted as 45 MPH. State Law states that if the speed is not posted its presumed to be 45MPH. Daleville PD patrols this area like hawks trying to catch someone doing 45MPH so they can write a ticket. The speed limit is posted on State Rte 134 on the other side of State Rte 85, so if you turned onto State Rte 134 you are getting a ticket for obeying state law. Daleville is a little podunk one horse town that runs a rigged Kangaroo Court. In Alabama everything runs off the good ole boy system, not the law. If you contest the ticket, you will be found guilty, no matter what facts you present. Plus you will also have to pay insanely high court costs of almost $200 in addition to your ticket which is due immediately or they threaten to throw you in jail for contempt of court. It’s a moneymaking scheme to extort money from motorists. it would be illegal, except for the fact that the police and the city court are running the show.

So, we should use your opinions about Daleville as "fact", huh? It's people like you who do 45 on that stretch of 134 that make people like me have to wait forever when I want to turn left (East) from Donnell BLVD onto 134. Glad you got a ticket.
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Accually, there is a speed limit sign of 35mph after you pass Bojangles and Plaza drive.
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It is definently trap. I got nailed there yesterday. Let's just hope the ticket will only cost me an arm and not the leg too.
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I have traveled this strech of road twice a day, for work, for the last 11 years. On my way home from work I turned on hwy 134, as always, to see a patrol car with his lights on finishing a stop. Distracted by the lights and no vehicals in front of me I did not check my speed. this is a four lane hwy with turn lane and very few houses close to road. I was stopped 100 ft past 45 speedlimit sign and charged with 46 in a 35. while I was stopped east bound another truck was stopped west bound. After looping back 15 minutes later there was a motorcycle stopped just east of where I was stopped and a patrol car pulled out behind me again from Donnell Dr. I talked to the Mayor how said "Daleville is not a speed trap". You judge. $151.00 Min $500 max
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