Ste. Rd. 4

Jemez Springs, New MexicoMay 01, 20012 Comments

Nearing the village of Jemez Springs from either direction should be done at posted speeds or below. Two local-yocals work about a 3 mile stretch both directions.

As of Easter weekend, 2012, this little revenue enhancer was alive and well. The local boys from Jemez Springs and the county sheriff were working this stretch of NM highway 4. Even the Bernalillo city police were there for some reason. From NM 550 at San Ysidro and north on NM 4 the speed limits change frequently making it very easy to "speed" and contribute to the local revenues. I'll bet that what they take in in fines is exceeded by the monies they run off by banging the tourists. I left no $$ there because I was forewarned.
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This trap is alive and well as of early 2014. I was hit for 36 (my first clue something was amiss) in the town 25 zone which comes on suddenly. Annoying thing is that I was slowed and was tapping my brakes on a slight downhill as the car speed had crept up. I went back to check the signage and not 5 minutes later they had another victim less than 0.5 miles down the road. This stretch of road has long stretches of very low speed limits that are totally unnecessary.
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