Stearns and Route 31

South Elgin, IllinoisJan 05, 20116 Comments

I’m not trapping anyone. Speed is clearly posted for the entire length of Stearns Rd. I’ll be on the North side of Stearns, by the cell tower. I just wrote a 77 in a 45. I guess the driver was "trapped".

C'mon Officer, get real. Setting the limit to an inappropriately low 45 on that stretch of Stearns is the trap, and you know it. Follow your departmental directives, but don't insult our intelligence.
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the police don't set the speed limit nor does the town or village. The speed is set by KDOT or IDOT, you should get the clue not the cop.
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Nobody said that police, town or village set the speed limit, because it doesn't matter who's behind it. Anyone can see that Stearns was engineered to safely support speeds far in excess of 45 mph, so you have to ask yourself, why suppress the flow of traffic on a wide-open 4 lane road? The answer is R-E-V-E-N-U-E
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Nobody has been written tickets for less than 10 over on Stearns road. I have not written a ticket on Stearns for less than 15 over. Not to say I could not write one for less. If Illinois were a true speed state, where there isn't an un official 10 over rule, then speeds could be set at 55 or 60 on Stearns If the speed limit on Stearns would be 60, then people would do 70. Where do you draw the line? What do you recomend we do about speeders, nothing? What do you think is fair? People like driving fast, I get that. The amount of revenue generated by tickets is quite a bit lower than what you'd expect, even less if you take in to consideration overtime pay. On top of that it is illegal to set quotas, and lack of ticket writing discipline has been fought successfully by the police unions. We do have a job to do . Sorry if you got a speeding ticket. You can't go through red lights, blow stop signs, can't be drunk while driving, etc. etc.
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Working for the Secretary of State in conjunction with anaylsts for the FBI some of you need to do some accurate homework, South Elgin made it in the top 100 in the USA for places to live. The police department hit 1 out of 5 from an OUTSIDE source, ONE BEING THE BEST. If you pull there statistics, look at there conviction rate, proactivity, and joint ventures with the surrounding agencies the negative comments would never surface on this site. I don't even live in the town but have a broad knowledge of the inter-workings. The background on a number of the patrol and supervisory officers are second to none. No one has looked at the lives they have saved. Unfortunately the only commentary you see is the poor sap who always gets busted. My hat goes off to the officers who are not thanked nearly enough. May God watch over our heros here and abroad.
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The reason this qualifies as a speed trap is that the speed is set unrealistically low for the road conditions. Thus the majority of people who get tickets are those who may not be habitual speeders but who stumble onto this road. First – yes I got a ticket – my first in 18 years, and do not believe I was doing what was claimed – the officer was sitting under a cell tower, which by itself is a not good practice. The position where he sits is on the downslope after you climb a 3 degree climb so you have been accelerating and now as you crest you have to actually brake in order to keep you speed at the limit, rather than just bleeding off speed. This is an almost 2 mile, four lane divided road in an area with no housing, no businesses or any other exits. Compare to Randall Road or Rt 20, both of which have higher limits and travel through much more densely populated areas. Traffic on Rt 20 through Bartlett was marked at 55 and normally moves around 60 – 65. Traffic on Randall marked as 50 normally can see spikes of 60, but police ticketing would be impossible due to the volume of traffic. The officer who gave me the ticket told me there had been fatalities, but a web search showed nothing on this road, which has only been open for about 2 years as of this date (2012). Now the rub – the amount due is not large – only $120. for anything under 20 mph over the limit. The question is that arises is it worth fighting it. You can also take a course that seems to remove the infraction, but at an extra charge. The question is not the fine, but the later repercussions to your license and maybe insurance. The fact is that the road is safe and the speed limit is far below what it should be compared to similar roads. Unless the person is driving recklessly – anything up to 60 mph is probably safe. They should revisit the limit and look at the 85th percentile to reset it.
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