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Belle Meade, TennesseeJan 01, 20001 Comments

Belle meade is pretty small — but its police department is huge. The town is full of rich snobs – and the city wide speed limit is 30 — except for a 4 lane road that is 40. They WILL and DO ticket at 1 or 2 mph over!

I operated a lawncare/landscape business for 20 years with Belle Meade being one of my main areas of work. I can testify to the fact that Belle Meade cops are some of the most aggressive cops anywhere when it comes to writing traffic tickets of any sort. I agree 110% with this comment that the entire city of Belle Meade is one gigantic speed trap. Over a period of time, my workers and I made of science of plotting travel routes into and out of Belle Meade so that we spent the very least amount of time getting to and from our customer's properties so that we ran the least risk of getting pulled over. We made an extreme effort in constantly monitoring our speed, keeping our trucks and trailers clean and respectable and yet, we STILL got pulled over several times per season. One pattern that developed was that we would be totally within the law but the police officer pulling us over would not really even know what he/she was going to write the ticket for. So we got a LOT of equipment violation tickets such as inadaquate tread depth on the tires, lack of a proper "commercial" tag for the trailer, tag was wired on the trailer instead of bolted on, etc. This city is one of the biggest gatherings for "Barney Fifes" anywhere in Tennessee.
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